Get Involved

The Alaska Climate Alliance is an informal, horizontally organized network of climate action takers, ranging from individual activists and small business owners to members of international NGOs.
We are united by our desire to align Alaska’s climate action community with Just Transition principles, addressing the climate crisis head-on at all levels of society and shifting our state towards a joyful, interdependent and indigenous-led future.
We organizing around the following principles, adapted from Defend the Sacred AK:
  • Unlearn, Dismantle, Heal, and Create: Decolonize.
  • Organize from the “bottom up”.
  • Uplift a matriarchal, decentralized, and marginalized leadership.
  • Grow an inclusive movement for all.
  • Create space for people to speak for themselves.
  • Work together in unity, solidarity, and accountability to each other.
  • Strive to build just relationships in our organizing.
  • Uplifting marginalized & oppressed voices that align with these values.
  • Commit to a just and equitable transition away from an extractive, oppressive economy toward a regenerative, holistic, living worldview. 
  • Acknowledge that we exist in a tangible system of racial injustice and that it is our responsibility to dismantle it.
  • Be soulful.

Stay Informed

If you’re dedicated to climate action and ready to align with these values, then fill out this simple form and someone from the Alaska Climate Alliance will reach out to you about how you can get involved.